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    Site now open !
    on: December 23, 2011, 05:07:15 pm
    December 23, 2011, 05:07:15 pm
    Well it took a little longer than we thought to get the site together but we can now say that the site is now well and truly open  :152:

    Welcome to all new members and anyone coming across from our Versys 650 forum.    :020:

    Most of us haven't even seen the bike yet and information is still relatively sparse. However that will soon change in the new year and then things will slowly start warming up as machines become more and more available.

    So still a while to go before we see some bikes but we thought we'd get the site up and running well in advance. We did the same thing with the Versys 650 and that forum is now really popular.

    Currently there is only one main section in the forum to discuss the Versys 1000. Over time we will slowly add more and more sections as membership and interest grows.

    In the meantime we might add a few "kick start" topics to supplement the few that have already been migrated over from the Versys forum.

    So to all potential new members feel free to join up as you're most welcome to start the discussions rolling in the forum. Between now and when the bike goes on sale there will be plenty to talk about believe me  :169:

    That just leaves me to say WELCOME    :031: