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Workshop Manual
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:39:32 PM »
Would members please note that the Kawasaki Workshop manual is copyrighted material and as such links to copies cannot be posted on the forum.

Members cannot ask or supply such manuals on this forum in any shape or form. This includes via the personal messaging system.

In the UK, Europe, and the US the distribution of such material is essentially illegal. If members choose to share such material between themselves that's entirely up to them but I'm afraid you can't use the forum as a conduit for that sharing.

US owners of the 2019 model can purchase via the Kawasaki website:

The Part Number for the US model 2019 SE LT+ is 99924-1553-31

(Note you can also download the Owners Manual for free on that page.)

We appreciate that this may seem OTT as the manual is freely available on the internet and the legal version is not cheap to buy. However, even though copies can be found elsewhere does not mean that it's aceptable to do the same on the forum. Just "Google" it and you may or may not find what you seek.

Reproduction and sharing is quite simply in breach of copyright law so we kindly ask that all members respect that.


An exception is when small sections/extracts are quoted in order to illustrate something being discussed. Generally this is normally acceptable.

Many thanks   :031:


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