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Re: double headlights
« Reply #50 on: August 02, 2017, 08:16:05 PM »
Is it just me?...I can't get the link to work
Been there, but not sure I remember it.

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Re: double headlights
« Reply #51 on: October 04, 2017, 10:28:44 AM »
I now have two headlights on all the time ,I cheated but its working ,I removed the side and dash covers for access to the headlight adjusters ,with a socket set i did this :  Turned lights on and turned  on main beam ,lowered the garage door and backed up 20 feet , I now have dip on and main beam shining on the garage door ,then adjusted the main beam down level with the dip and then side (horizontal) towards the kerbside ,put it all back together and waited for the dark ,rode 80 miles with main beam on ,(down to Poole Quay bike night) and the oncoming cars never flashed me ,so i assume the main beam is as low as the dip ,on a dark bit of road i managed about half a mile with no cars around ,and tried on dip and on main beam ,what i now have is a nice spread of dipped light ,but cheated with the main beam that is about 25 yards further ahead ,considering my route back around 40 miles is mostly across country ,I feel this mod is a worthwhile exersize ,as most of the time in the dark use of full main beam is practicaly useless, with the volume of traffic on our roads ,or your following other vehicles so remain on dip ,the original main beam was far to high  and dissapeared ahead ,but was up in the trees and very dissapointing ,the MOT will not be a problem either . Ime happy with a balanced look .

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Re: double headlights
« Reply #52 on: October 04, 2017, 11:52:51 AM »
*Originally Posted by Cheekyfork [+]
Is it just me?...I can't get the link to work

The company in the OP is no longer is business ..but no worries,
try this one

Skene makes get stuff, you're in good hands


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