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How Important is my Windshield Flare?
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:23:37 AM »
The V1000 that I purchased last month does not have an OEM windshield.  Not sure who it's made by.  It flares out at the bottom, as can be seen in the attached pictures.

After installing Barkbuster Storm handguards, I now can no longer turn the wheel all the way left or right.  The handguard makes contact with the flared part of the windshield.  I can't turn the wheel all the way left to lock it.  And I can't make really tight turns in either direction.

I think the solution is to trim some or all of this flared section off.  The flared part measures 6.5" high x 2" wide.  I could cut the top 2.5" of the flare off (leaving a 4" flare).   Or I could cut the entire flare off.  I'm inclined to think cutting 2.5" is the safest choice.

I was hoping to hear from anybody familiar with windshield design about the pros and cons of cutting 2.5" off or removing the entire 6.5" flare.

Thank you.
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