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Shad 48 Top Case
« on: June 13, 2018, 05:27:14 PM »
Received from Revzilla and installed yesterday - took about 90 minutes.  Instructions were definitely wanting and no videos or support on Shad webpage.  Had to search videos to figure out how to open the box to get the instructions!  :)
I also purchased the top case rack.  Revzilla info says that the top box has universal mounting for bikes with luggage rack so I guess you can get away without the mounting plate, but I assumed if they sold a specific adapter plate for the Versys 1000 it might be a better, more solid fit.
Attaching the plate to the luggage rack was a bit finicky as the new bolts and spacers needed to line up with the removed bolts from the luggage rack.  There is no play in the back so it took some fiddling. 

Attaching the box to the rack was also a puzzle.  Again the instructions don’t show how to remove the box from the attached rack on the bottom of the box.  Another trip to the computer to watch several youtube videos to try to figure this out.  Once sorted, I connected the box rack to the mounting plate which was very fiddly.  You have to slide a nut and a washer between the luggage rack and mounting plate, while threading a bolt and plastic spacer on the top side.  Expect to drop the washer many times and start over on each of the 4 bolts.  You also are given 8 bolts (4 short and 4 long), and hardware for several different mounting systems with little direction as to your specific system.

Once attached the box was very secure, was easily opened and removed with a nice carry handle.  I quite like the look of the box.  I preferred, and had ordered the matching Top Case from Kawasaki, but it was back ordered and they kept moving the date, so I gave up and bought the Shad (and saved about $400).  I’ve read that Givi is having a problem supplying Kawasaki with the Top Boxes.,15557.msg180688.html#msg180688

The Shad seems less “blingy” than the comparable Givi boxes.  The carbon-look cover is quite nice. 

It’s also very functional for commuting.  My MacBook Air fits in the stock panniers when I angle it, but it is a pain and I can’t get my brief case to fit.  In addition, my leather jacket with the back, elbow and shoulder armour does not fit in the panniers.  The top case just swallows my work shoes, sport jacket and brief case on my way to my appointment.  When I arrive , I just throw in my jacket and overpants in the top case.  My helmet goes in one pannier, my boots go in another and two minutes later I walk into an appointment in my business casual outfit and no one would know that I arrived on a bike.  Some appointments are fine for me to arrive in kevlar jeans, boots and a leather jacket but most are not so the top case makes the transformation doable and super easy.

I also purchased the accessory back rest kit for two up riding.  We’ll take a little test ride with box to see if there is room and need given the back armour on my girl’s jacket.  Looking forward to doing some touring with her now that I have a new Givi Airflow Windscreen too!!

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Re: Shad 48 Top Case
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 03:25:47 PM »
Look great!  I have the Shad 45 top case with the passenger back rest on mine.  I agree, the directions are lacking.  I had this top case on my previous bike (2009 Yamaha FZ6) and the mounting hardware was pretty complex and a real pain in the butt to install. Much easier on the Versys since it already has a platform for the top case.  I also used the mounting plate from Shad.  Read you could do without it, but it made lining the holes up for the top case much easier.


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