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Re: 2015 Versys Grand Tourer / GT
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2018, 01:05:09 PM »
That's a refreshing perspective, Tony. As we age, many people almost welcome an "invalid" or "patient" status as a refuge or excuse to go home and sit in front of a TV. Those who refuse to accept it, and I'm another one of them, are often seen as having unrealistic expectations of their doctors. Nuts to that! Get involved with your health care, take responsibility for your health, and live! The doctors work for you, not the other way around.

Sorry to slide off topic, but I just had to say...  :762:
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Re: 2015 Versys Grand Tourer / GT
« Reply #31 on: September 14, 2018, 02:43:05 PM »
*Originally Posted by Tony the oldie [+]
Yes us oldies are increasingly prone to hip and knee issues.  Not too bad for me at moment but time will tell.

Just want to reassure people that knee and hip replacements can transform your lives.  I'm a regular bicycle tourer with a gang called The Forty Plus Club but it really should be called the 60 Plus Club. Almost all of us are retired and aged between 50 and 75.  Twice a week we do rides of between 60 and 80 miles - take all day, start at a cafe, have lunch at a pub/bar and then have a cup of tea at another cafe before going home.  We have 4 riders who have had hip replacements, 2 with knee replacements (as well as 3 who have had coronary artery bypass grafts - off topic but as this includes me I thought I'd mention it  :008:).  For all of them the medical work has enabled them to continue to do the physical activity that they love.  :152: :028:

So my very strong advice is if you are having difficulties undertaking your normal activities tell your doctor or consultant.  And make very, very clear to them that cycling or motorbiking is an important and necessary part of your life - for you it is a normal activity without which your quality of life will suffer.  Emphasise this - do not be brave and say you can cope with the pain - tell them it is fecking up your life, making you miserable and that you really want them to help you regain your ability to ride a bike.  Do this because the medics will be so used to seeing people who are over 60 who don't do much and really aren't wanting to do much that they can fall into the trap of thinking that all 'mature' people have low expectations.  But we are (mostly) different  :biker1: :123A: :029:  :107:.

Sorry for the rant - just hope it helps.


That's not a rant Tony, more like reasoned observation

Now if you want a rant.......................................................................................   :008:   
Be wary of an old man in a world where men die young

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