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Re: Motorcycle vs SUV
« Reply #20 on: October 11, 2018, 04:34:52 PM »
We are all in the habit of clearing intersections before crossing, whether or not we have the right of way based on traffic signs, a green light, what have you. But we tend to clear right and left based on the usual traffic speed. A speeding driver or rider about to violate our right of way is going to be much farther away from the intersection when we do that check. You've got to look way back up the road to detect such a target.

The greatest risks in the Dallas area are speeding drunks and police chases crossing your path. Drivers running from the police will ignore any red light or stop sign in their way while going at high speed, and if they miss you there could be several police vehicles right behind them.

Chase policies vary from one police agency to another. In Dallas, failure to pull over for any chickenshit violation like a busted tail light or expired tag can lead to a high speed chase across the city, putting many lives at risk. Police do this because the assumption is, if the offense is petty  and still the driver runs, he must have a felony warrant, weapons or contraband in the car... and so it is a high priority to get him stopped. Not always the case, but that's the thinking.

Any sound of sirens nearby is fair warning, but that can't be relied upon... you gotta turn your head and look... otherwise you risk being "to whom it may concern", tooling along at the wrong place and the wrong time.

A big factor that kills motorcyclists in these left turn collisions is, when you are speeding and thus way back up the road when the left turner fails to see you, you are only a small speck in his visual field, and you are out of the normal area he would clear before turning across. You are far away, but very much on a collision course.

And, as Crosshairs says, extra speed increases the role that blind spots play, and makes them open and close faster, so that the whole process of crossing the intersection becomes more sketchy and hard to manage.

Knowing this is all a part of basic roadcraft.
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Re: Motorcycle vs SUV
« Reply #21 on: October 11, 2018, 04:51:42 PM »
*Originally Posted by Sonny [+]
It was a 26 year old woman, and she died.

At abandoned vehicle auctions at the Dallas city auto pound, sportbikes are lined up like cord wood, with the tank hump crushed by the rider's pelvis, bars bent forward, front wheel and forks flattened into the radiator.

Seeing 10 or 20 of them lined up leaning on one another will really make you think...  :107:

its the same here Sonny ……. lack of maturity and training to start with... and attitude being the strongest reason for example , they think they know it all they have come to the mountain and assume they are infallible, this past summer I spoke with a friend who had lost his son in an accident on the famous "Tail of the Dragon" missed a tight right hand corner went into the ditch hit a tree and broke his neck ..the end .
He is now a statistic and likely been added to the ever increasing total of that particular road , and from what I hear others are sure to follow .
Not blaming the road ….its just a twisty piece of pavement , blame it on the attitude / skill level  and maturity of the riders that ride there .
Sad ...and what a waste ..

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Re: Motorcycle vs SUV
« Reply #22 on: October 12, 2018, 01:22:17 PM »
*Originally Posted by Crosshairs [+]
if she was going 80, the 2 cars in front of her were doing 60... count the seconds it takes for the cars to get through, then count how long it takes her...its not much different.

now, go back and watch the video and notice how the SUV waits for one cars to pass, then initiates the turn just as the second cars is passing.....the SUV driver simply did not see the motorcycle because they did not look carefully enough. ..if you look , you can see that just as the SUV starts to turn, the motorcycle is hidden from their view by the truck in the left turn lane...had the SUV driver looked again before stepping on the gas , the bike would have been in their field of view....and had the bike been going a bit slower, they may have been able to react in avoidance. 

like I stated in my first post in this thread, a left turning vehicle  is the number one cause of accidents in intersections....and regardless of who you want to blame, the motorcyclist always pays the highest price.

That's why I don't ride like a bat outta hell around intersections or driveways. I do every now and again among the fields, but even that is pretty stupid with all the wildlife in my area. I don't do it if other cars are around though, so if I wreck, it'll only be me and a varmint...or two varmints as it were.


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