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Engine Oil Usage
on: April 25, 2019, 09:26:07 AM
I have a 2018 Versys 1000 GT, with 8000 miles done. The engine is using approx. 1 litre of oil per 3500 miles. In other words a sight glass full between services. Kawasaki are telling me this is within tolerances and could be up to 1 litre per 1000 miles before they would investigate a possible problem.
Has anyone else had any similar problems? The engine oil used is Motul 5100 10W40.

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Re: Engine Oil Usage
Reply #1 on: April 25, 2019, 10:06:32 AM
Welcome along to the forum, and also to Versys 1000 ownership, you will find lots of help and good sound advice on here.

The tolerances that you have been provided may well be factory spec, but IMHO I think that is your bike is using that quantity of oil then its using a little too much especially after only 8000 miles.

Have you owned  the bike from new  :question:   

However I would continue with the bike for a few thousand more miles whilst monitoring the bikes oil usage, if it deteriorates than a trip back to your dealers would be in  order, at least they will have a record of your previous contact.

It may well be that the usage improves once more mileage is covered
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Re: Engine Oil Usage
Reply #2 on: April 25, 2019, 10:10:47 AM

First - Welcome to the forum

Just because your bike uses some oil doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a problem.

For a long time now, bike manufactures have designed engines with under piston oil feeds. These are there to cool down the piston crown so that the engine can reliably produce more power. However, just like petrol, engine oil will evaporate at certain temperatures, and it gets pretty hot under pistons doing +8,000 revs a minute, so the consumption can mount up, especially if you use the bike hard.

FYI - A race bike at the TT can get through half its oil in six laps, so manufacturers quote maximum oil consumption figures of one litre per thousand miles.

As long as there is no evidence of oil burning at the exhaust end can, and you get into the habit of checking the oil level before you go out for your next ride, there shouldn’t be a problem.

It is also the case that if you have run the bike in very gently then the piston rings and cylinders may not have bedded in properly and have become glazed letting more oil past them.  :notsure:

Google the Motoman Breaking In method, for the pros of running in a bit harder than normal  :027:

My 2d's worth  :027:

Richard  :001:
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Re: Engine Oil Usage
Reply #3 on: April 25, 2019, 01:34:53 PM
thanks guys for your input. I will bear these points in mind.
I have had the bike from new, I did run it gently.
Someone once said to me, " its revs to 10,000 so rev it to 10,000" sometimes. :002:
It is being serviced very soon so will keep a close watch on it again.

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Re: Engine Oil Usage
Reply #4 on: April 25, 2019, 01:48:19 PM
My Versys is now at 82,000 miles and doesn't use any oil at 8,000 mile change intervals. All my other bikes have used oil between changes. This is the first bike I have run in a little more forcefully than usual. I shall be doing that again on the next bike.
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