Author Topic: Bike Safe course with police  (Read 3031 times)

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Re: Bike Safe course with police
Reply #20 on: January 07, 2020, 10:14:27 AM
Waiting for some improvement in the weather here.

I'm not a fine weather biker but right now the conditions are Sh*t
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Re: Bike Safe course with police
Reply #21 on: January 07, 2020, 08:15:42 PM
*Originally Posted by Floydsz1 [+]
A few years ago I went on a Kawasaki Day (you can ride the new models) at hartside cafe (before it burnt down) near Alston. I took a New z1000 out along with a young lad on a zx10.  It was one police bike to 2 riders, he said "we're going out to have a bit of fun, it's not a racetrack though",  he followed us then took the lead after Alston. He used one of Kawasak's zzr1400. We lost the lad on the zx10 , I was doing 95mph On the Bobby's tailpipe. He had to wait for the other lad to catch up. The Bobby's were from Carlisle and said about the course they run, theirs was free. I didn't go on the course but I did fancy it at the time. It was a good day out.

It was a day very much like this that planted the seeds of my interest in advanced riding. In my case though, it was me on my Honda CB500 and another guy on a 600 Yamaha Divi trying to keep up with the copper from Cheshire Police blasting around North Wales.

A while after that, I enroled with the IAM. This followed a few consecutive 'offs' on my 600 Fazer which showed me how cr*p my riding was. After that, I went on to RoSPA. I've been riding with them for around ten years now. I'm still learning, which either means I'm extraordinarily dim and a really slow learner, or that there's always something new to learn. I prefer to think it's the latter.... :whistle:  :756:
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