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Terry Adcox Seat Review
on: March 13, 2020, 01:33:27 AM
I bought the V1k because I needed to move down from a 900 lb. Goldwing to something more manageable. I could ride 1000-mile days on the 'Wing and feel surprisingly good afterward. No chance on the Versys.

The Kawasaki has been a work in progress when it comes to comfort.  I modded the seat early on and it helped but didn't fully do the trick. I installed bar risers and that didn't help much. Installed DYI  cruise pegs and like them a lot.

Eventually I installed the Holeshot touring bars and they are great. Several months ago I decided to replace the seat and found that most of the options are incredibly over priced. I read good things about Terry Adcox in Tennessee and, after talking to him, decided to pull the trigger and see what I'd get. I desperately wanted more comfort, hoping to enjoy an active touring season in 2020 and beyond.

I received my seat back from him a few days ago and it looks as nice as any on the market. I finally took it for a couple-hundred-mile ride today and I'm completely satisfied with it, expecting it to work just as well for long distance touring. I got the basic single bucket seat and it was about $300 not including my cost to ship the old seat to him. I think the seat is as comfortable as the 'Wing's. The sporty position of the foot pegs is another matter and there is no true fix for that, despite a product or two being on the market to marginally re position them. This is what you'd expect from a Sport
Tourer vs. an all out max-comfort touring machine. Most owners may like the rearward location of the pegs, I don't really know. So many comfort issues are simply personal preferences.

Comfort wise, this seat is a VAST improvement over the OEM equipment and much better looking as well. You can see examples of his work and prices on his website. He goes by Terry Adcox Motorcycle Seats.

The ONLY possible downside is that if you want your seat done soon you may be out of luck because he takes a (refundable if need be) $100 deposit and puts your name on a waiting guy can only do so much. I believe it was September or November that I paid the deposit, and true to his estimate, he was able to take delivery of my seat then return it custom built on time. Charged me a very small fee to transfer my seat heater to the new seat.

He and his wife are great to do business with and they sell a quality product. They have my highest recommendation.
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Re: Terry Adcox Seat Review
Reply #1 on: March 13, 2020, 04:43:59 PM
Good to Hear..... I think most folks know I'm a big fan of Terry's seats. I went through 7 seats on my Versys 650 one of them being a Terry Adcock Flat seat. So when i got my Versys 1000 i knew which seat to go with and got another one of his flat seats for it. I have bad knees and a hip so i like to scoot back on the seat so need to get rid of the hump for the pillion,,,,

IMG_1503 by weljo2001, on Flickr

Terry's Custom Seat's Flat Seat For Versys 1000 by weljo2001, on Flickr
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