Author Topic: What's the wierdest thing that's ever happened to you on a bike?  (Read 705 times)

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I'm starting this thread because of what happened to me last Tuesday.

I was on a new housing estate near Preston, Lancs looking around for an address that my satnav said was nearby. I was only going about 10 or 12 mph, when I suddenly noticed a big cloud of what looked like little bits of black ash, or burnt paper, in the sky and approaching from behind and to the right. I thought 'There's building work going on nearby, perhaps there's a bonfire,' but I couldn't smell smoke. A few seconds later I was encased in a huge swarm of bees!   :760: :758: It only lasted a few seconds as the were flying faster than I was going, and they headed off ahead and to my left. A scary experience, but not as scary as once finding myself sharing my helmet with a wasp whilst in lane 3 of the M6 (which, let's face it, is scary enough on it's own!)
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I bet the wasp in your helmet was very scared  :008: 
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 I once had a gopher run between my wheels and make it through the other side , i was doing about 70mph  .
His timing must have been near perfect. :761:

I was riding with a mate who was following and when we pulled over for a break , he mentioned that a deer crossed the road from behind me and just missed the bike , and then pointed out a bit of deer hair caught up in license plate and mount on the rear of my Ducati ...i never saw or felt a thing  :033:

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 During the last hour of the last day of an 18k km trip to Alaska on my '08 V650 I passed a very low very black car that was travelling below the speed limit.

 As I pulled out to pass I glanced at the raised chrome lettering on it's trunk lid. No mistaking it.

 I nearly wet myself laughing as I pictured the headline " Elderly 650 Versys pips Lambo to the chequered flag"

 But perhaps it was only the pace car  :notsure: