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Re: New Versys hopeful
Reply #10 on: July 23, 2021, 07:16:19 AM
*Originally Posted by RonnieDaBear [+]
Thank you for the tips, Keith - I'll suggest this method to my wife, assuming the next one we check out has a top box
Any bike is better for a pillion with some kind of lumbar support. We've been riding together since 1968 and Ruth can't ride anything like as far without something to help support her one way or another. The clincher was going on a 250-mile ride on a bike with no rack to grip or box to lean on. She was in tears with stomach cramp by the end. Later we did a 500-mile rally on a similar bike but with support and she got off as fresh as a daisy.

Even if our bike didn't come with a top box I would have bought one for her.

Back in 2004 we took out K1200LT to SW France and stayed at a hotel run by a British biker. On the evening before we left for home two bikes turned up. They'd ridden the ~1000 miles from home with only a few hours break on the ferry and fuel/coffee stops. Both were sports bikes and one had a pillion. Her rests were so high her knees were all but under her chin and she had a backpack with luggage for both of them.

She had to be lifted off the bike and I cannot imagine her ever sitting on the back of a bike ever again after they got home.

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