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I see you are based in Yorkshire....which is your supplying dealer ?
Hey Keena, thanks for your message.
I am sure there must be something wrong.
I had a talk with my local kawasaki dealership and they told me that there are some cases of the bike not reving out properly in 6th. They will obviously have to scan it to see if there is something going on however that is a lot of money if they find nowt!  I am going to book it in to dynobike here in yorkshire, it is way cheaper to get a couple of runs to see what it is producing. The guy is a well known artist at his trade and prepares bikes for the isle of man TT.
I will let it be known when I get some results.
*Originally Posted by sakakaki [+]
Hello everyone.
just bought a 2022 versys 1000se.
New to the forum
I part xít my zzr1200 in for this bike so maybe that is part of the problem as it had 160 hp   
The trouble is that the versys bogs down under hard acceleration in 6th.
It goes fine until around 80 mph in 5th but once in top gear at that speed it doesnít want to pull much. lots of intake noise bug not much else, itís a little frustrating so is it back to the shop or is it normal.
I would appreciate your wisdom.
Thaa add ned guys

Something  :notsure: is not rite with your bike , my 2015 will pull 6th from 60mph to 100 mph and beyond if required quite easily and with some authority ,also 6th from 3500rpm to 8000rpm in a roll on these bikes have great midrange .
For me stock gearing is best 15/43... lest us know please what your issue is.
New Members / Re: Greetings from Brisbane Australia
« Last post by Mrpayne on Yesterday at 10:35:37 pm »
welcome from toulouse south france
i wish you luck for your research to find the next bike
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: Bogging down in 6th
« Last post by TYKE on Yesterday at 06:53:29 pm »
Being a new member to any forum means that you are stepping in to the unknown

These comments are aimed at briefly enlightening you to some of the background of some of our irstwhile members, there isn't the space or time to go into detail.....suffice to say that a good number of other members on here have, over the years, trodden the same path as yourself  (myself included) in so far as we have enjoyed all sorts of high powered 'crotch rocket' bikes  :008:  and some of us have even raced for a good number of years eh Flloydsz ?   :028:   so  you can rely on great advice for any enquiries you may have.

I've been a member of  many forums (and still am ) for longer than I care to admit and I can honestly say that this forum is exceptionally friendly and full of good advice

BTW I also owned a ZZR1400 which I sold  in favour of a GTR1400 before my arms began to represent an Orangutan  and my neck looked like one on  a Giraffe    :745: 

Hi bud.
Have my eye on all that but need to be out of warranty before any performance mods.
My zzr12 had dyno tuned carbs and free flowing pipes, that didnít help my transition to a more gentle engine, however Iím not looking for all that power anymore, it drank fuel when using that power, destroyed rear tyres, hypnotised you to make you open the throttle, and was now needing new suspension and brakes to take that weight and power.
When the warranty is finished I will start to play with it. 😉
A free flowing exhaust (decat) with a decent end can and then a remap of the ecu will give you a good 10bhp increase In power, and save quite a bit of weight. Should give you 120bhp at the wheel.
New Members / Re: Greetings from Brisbane Australia
« Last post by Floydsz1 on Yesterday at 03:55:38 pm »
Welcome from sunny morecambe in the uk.
Hi guys
I think I am just being picky as always had in my 46 years of having high powered high speed bikes. Sports bikes ,sports tourers , muscle bikes. and torque of a rocket 3 roadster that I got shot of because it entered the gas station a little too often.
My zzr was a missile with high torque and hp. one of the reasons for its leaving was as mentioned, the fact of life and license. I am getting used to using it differently and yes it is way better at strolling around the countryside and with all the tech itís a much nicer ride!
I have ordered a front fender extender and hugger extender to keep the road splat off and am now planning a trip on the scottish nc500 in the spring before the midge make an appearance in late may! 
Thank you for persuading me to recognise the true beauty of this bike and allowing me to recognise that my high speed biking days should be long gone at 60. Here come the pipe and slippers for xmas( just kidding) looking for a way to get a ninja 1000 sx engine in my versys !(kidding again I think)
looking forward to many speed limit rides in my new arm chair.
thanks boys.
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: Bogging down in 6th
« Last post by TYKE on Yesterday at 08:17:52 am »
All bikes have different riding characteristics,  the Versys 1000 is no exception,  a 'modified 'riding style from what you are used to may be required, you may also have to adjust your expectations

Over the years I have owned and ridden all sorts /types/capacities of bikes and they have all had their own personality

I have owned 3  Versys 1000s  and TBH never found them to be lacking in any way, I feel confident that in a little while you will be singing the praises of your Versys1000

Good luck and keep us posted    :biker3: 
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