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Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: Stock windshield Mod
« Last post by Sonny on Today at 04:15:32 AM »
No, you don't want to slouch to get out of the buffeting. You've got to sit comfortably and have satisfactory results.
Accessories and Products / Helmet lock
« Last post by Claude on Today at 03:29:59 AM »
Today, Iíve seen a BMW 1600 that had a licence plate mounted accessory featuring two lockable (with a key) helmet hooks.
Any idea where such a product is available?
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: Stock windshield Mod
« Last post by Vadim on Today at 02:33:16 AM »
OK so just came back from my test ride with a modded stock windshield.

Me - 6'2 with 33 inseam, I sit a bit slouched so a person with good posture may sit an 1" higher.

Windshield - Installed 3 washers on top bolts and 2 washers on bottom bolts
The windshield moves up\down not as smooth, possible due to brackets in an angle, again 3 washers on top and 2 on the bottom.

Wind - Direction of the incoming air changed for the better. It most definitely moved the air up about 4" to 8".
On the streets with windshield at the lowest position - air is hitting my face (before was hitting my body).
Windshield all the way up - air is hitting my forehead and top of helmet (before was hitting my face).
On the highway with windshield all the way up - air is hitting my forehead and top of helmet (before was hitting my face). Still loud and annoying.

If I lean forward\duck down about 4" or so the air moves above me (before had to lean down much more).
I was able to hear the nice roar of the engine vs some high pitch sound when the wind is all in my face...... LOL. Would be nice to hear to the engine all the time.

Conclusion - For me this is not enough, I cannot sit tucked down nor do I want to in order to avoid the wind. I believe riders not taller than 5'9 should benefit from this setup. As for me I will be looking into buying Puig Touring Screen.

See attached pictures of the setup. Sorry I did not take any measurements before starting the modification.

Again thanks to Chris6101 and obxmush, reading their post gave me confidence to also mod the shield.

For what it is worth, mine always feels like its leaning in too fast when the front tyre is running under inflated by a couple of pounds.

Dave T
I replaced my 2012 ones with taper roller bearings as I had the forks out anyway. Kawasaki don't put a lot of grease in there at the factory.
In my opinion I think 20mm is a fair bit, I'd try 5mm and go in 5mm increments from there. I dropped mine about 10mm and it's very quick on the steering.
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: Stock windshield Mod
« Last post by Vadim on Yesterday at 10:00:38 PM »
*Originally Posted by obxmush [+]
We all know the stock windshield isn't the greatest, Rather than buying a new one I figured I would try to modify it.  Basically all I did was place a spacer in the top mounting point to adjust the shield more upright.  I will get pictures in a bit, this site doesn't like uploads from an iPhone, so I will have to host them and post later.  I will get a good test tomorrow on my commute and get back to everyone. For reference, I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam, the stock setup was close, but I would still get hit fairly hard right at the top of my visor.  Hopefully this will be a decent solution, if not, back to the drawing board.

Hi obxmush,
I was kind of think about doing the same and found a post by Chris6101 where he placed 3 washers on the bottom 2 bolts and now your post about with using washers on the top bolts to make the screen more upright. Thank you both for sharing!
This morning I purchased some washers, added 2 washers to bottom bolts and 3 washers to top bolts. Basically the idea was to push out the shield to get more air under the shield and at the same time have it more upright to block or get air over my helmet. Waiting for the weather to clear up to take a test ride. I have some picks to share which I will post later tonight after the test ride. I can say now that by having uneven amount of washers the mounting plate and sliding up\down bracket is some what tight but seems OK. Not sure what the outcome will be about air movement, can't wait to test. If need be I may add the 3rd washer on the bottom 2 bolts to make everything even again, 3 on top bolts and 3 on bottom bolts.
Hi all.

I wonder if anybody replaced his stem bearings? At what mileage? Did you use Kawasaki bearings (ball bearings) or conical ones?

I have 53000 Km on my 2014 Versys and I will ask my mechanic to check them - I had a long ride a few days ago and I felt a strange sensation at the handlebars, as if the bike had a tendency to lean too fast.
The fact is that I had the forks lowered by 10 mm a couple of months ago and the bike was precise as a blade and very agile (without side cases) - but when I did my last long trip with side cases, they seemed to contribute to some bike lateral instability due probably to turbulence.

It's also possible that lowering the forks by 10 mm is too much for riding with side cases, perhaps I should raise the forks by 5 mm for example ...

Mods and Appearance / Re: Before you buy aftermarket windscreen
« Last post by Bart on Yesterday at 09:26:41 PM »
Don't panic, screens are such a personal thing, what works for one does not always work for another etc...but let us know how you get on.
New Members / Re: Top box dilemma
« Last post by dizzy on Yesterday at 08:26:36 PM »
Depends what you want the box for Ryde have some interesting options.
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