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Mods and Appearance / Re: Summary of the mods to my 2017
« Last post by sweatmachine on Today at 10:35:13 PM »
*Originally Posted by Dannyboy1949 [+]

LED headlight bulbs (Beamtec): LOVE 'em...huge improvement over halogens

Mind sharing part numbers and how the process of installation was?  Did you just swap the bulbs, or is there more to it?  Did this require removal of the front fairing, or did you finagle them in?

I've added a Denali D4 kit, so I'm not really hurting for lumens at the moment but more light is a good thing!  Thanks
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: I crashed my Versys 1000
« Last post by Sir Rupert on Today at 09:38:27 PM »
Sorry to hear of your mishap and injuries. Hope you feel better soon.

Perhaps you hit a large stone with the side of the wheel, which was ejected sideways and that is why you couldn't find the cause at the scene?
New Members / Re: vibration in handle bars
« Last post by barry croker on Today at 09:16:32 PM »
thought about it but not sure if that would solve prob but no harm in trying
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: I crashed my Versys 1000
« Last post by TYKE on Today at 08:03:16 PM »
Sorry to hear about your accident which sounds very odd.

Thankfully your injuries aren't to severe, and your bike may be fixable

Keep us post about your recovery which I hope is speedy and also about what will happen to your bike.....good luck 
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: I crashed my Versys 1000
« Last post by Dommy on Today at 07:59:01 PM »
I forgot a pic of the front rim:

Versys 1000 - General Chat / I crashed my Versys 1000
« Last post by Dommy on Today at 07:56:37 PM »
Hi all.

Two weeks ago on Tuesday the weather was perfect after three weeks of relentless rain, so I took a day off for a ride.

I was riding on a road with some works ongoing and towards the end of the work area I felt the front wheel hitting something, next a handlebar wobble and, what really took me of surprise, the bike launched in the air, capsized and together we land on the road.
Apart from the work roads, the road was straight, large, good tarmac, excellent visibility and I saw nothing laying on the road (I kept away from the work area, but perhaps not enough? - strangely in that part of the road there were no marks anymore to signal the works).
Also there were no witnesses on the road at that moment, so I do not really know what happened.

The bike (probably the handlebars grip) squeezed my left hand against the road surface and in the mishap also the left feet big toe fractured.
I was brought to the local hospital by ambulance and there they found the hand's bones misaligned, so I was operated a few hours later.
Now I'm healing at home with the hand cured with two external stabilizing thin bars and the customary external cage. The toe has some tape around it and it should heal by itself ... at least they told me so.

In the meantime the bike was brought to my Kawa dealer and we're going to figure out the repair costs. It's a 2013 MY with 65000 Km on, so not new, but I've spent a lot of money to upgrade it in look and performance, I really like it and cannot simply let her go without consideration.

The front rim is deformed at the edge and a new one costs 800 Euro, so we're looking for a good priced used rim or to fix it.   
Hopefully the damage will not exceed 3000 Euro.

Be careful out there on the road, bros ...   
Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: Shad 48 Top Case
« Last post by sweatmachine on Today at 03:14:52 AM »
I'm leaning more towards the Givi 52 liter Trekker case, but am intrigued by the Shad 58x.  I think the width of the Trekker would be very useful, and the expandable bit of the 58x doesn't really matter to me.  Am I missing anything that makes one better than the other? 
I've had a few messages, but these are still available!  Open to offers...especially for a package deal!  Worst I can say is no!
New Members / Re: Hello From Arizona, USA
« Last post by weljo2001 on Yesterday at 11:30:02 PM »
 :185:   If i had known you were picking the bike up in Palm Springs. We could have met up for a nice lunch and ride. If you had the time...
New Members / Re: Hello From Arizona, USA
« Last post by Bob van der Hoeven on Yesterday at 09:11:38 AM »
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