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Versys 1000 - General Chat / Euro accessories for the 2019 SE
« Last post by chucksklrst on Today at 03:50:17 PM »
As most of you know the US is hind tit in the selection of Versys Model choices, colors, and accessories. Is there a Euro web site that we here can go to, to view / order what you in Europe have access to. If so please post it.  Also just a small complaint , well maybe a big complaint, with Kawasaki. The 2020 model of the Versyes 1000 SE was just released here in the US and it is that beautiful metallic Green that you all over in Europe had for a 19 model. Of course this is after I bought my white and black 2019 US model. I would lose too much on a trade in. Arg.
When I bought my 19 V1k GT I paid the costs for the grand tourer pack and any extras I wanted (Rim strips, rim sliders, etc..) but I didn’t pay the labor cost or even the 600 mile service in fact.
Mods and Appearance / Re: Yellow Beam of Light Part 3
« Last post by TowerMan on Today at 02:24:36 PM »
*Originally Posted by stlee29 [+]
Towerman mentioned ognibene but not sold here

If you want to get the Ognibene Silent sprockets, have a look at this extract I have highlighted from their catalogue HERE :028:
In the UK i got them from Bike Torque Racing  :7:

You will need 7182Rxx for the front
and 8047Rxx for the rear
R= silent sprocket (rubber damped)
xx = No. of teeth
I'm currently running this setup  :biker1:
Front - 7182R16
Rear - 8047R41

I'm currently discussing a price with the dealer for a new V1K.

When I bought my first V1K in 2017, I bought the bike with about all accessories that Kawasaki delivers. Fog lights, all panniers, etc. I just paid the website prices, and got a discount. No mention about assembly.

Now, for the V1K 2020, the same dealer wants to charge a bit over € 400 for assembly of just the Grand Tourer Pack. So you're buying a new V1K for € 18,000 and the pack for € 1,700 and pay € 400 more to actually get it installed on the bike.

If that's how it works nowadays, I'm fine with it. But something tells me this is weird.

What's your experience?

Mods and Appearance / Re: Yellow Beam of Light Part 3
« Last post by stlee29 on Today at 10:06:09 AM »
G'Day Marcin,

Have only been using Sunstar which is a 525 steel sprocket easily found here - IMO, the steel ones last longer than the aluminium sprockets. Will be using here front 16 / rear 41. The gearing will actually depend on you where normally you ride (either you want the pick-up bottom acceration or highway cruising top speed).

Sorry, I don't their part numbers but mention the number of sprocket teeth you need to your dealer. JT sprockets are also excellent - Towerman mentioned ognibene but not sold here

Also never really calculated fuel cons but know that after on the last V1k change sprocket from standard 15/43 still had 1 bar of fuel at the same normal pit stop.

Hope it helps.

Managed to re-adjust my bike sag from front/ rear 42/30 mm to now 45/35 mm. See how this will feel.

Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: about to buy a V1
« Last post by TYKE on Today at 09:42:19 AM »
 :89:  don't rush into buying the first one that lights your candle, there will be and probably are others out there

Where abouts are you located ? 
Mods and Appearance / Re: Yellow Beam of Light Part 3
« Last post by nocny on Today at 08:58:59 AM »
could you write me the part numbers of the front and rear sprocket that you bought?
and can you estimate how much fuel consumption you have reduced?

Versys 1000 - General Chat / Re: Bendy key
« Last post by Rockdoc on Today at 06:12:25 AM »
*Originally Posted by TYKE [+]
As many as 5 keys can be registered to the ECU on 2019 bikes
I looked at the Cradeley Kawasaki on-line spares catalogue and that quotes £37! I think I'll make do with one! 😂
Mods and Appearance / Re: Modifying Standard Seat
« Last post by Bigpadg on Today at 02:04:38 AM »
On my 2015 which suffered from the same downslope, I peeled back just the rider portion of the seat cover and the two “ties” that keep the fabric tacked at the back slope. I bought three different weight 2” foams a square foot each. I settled on the heaviest, a 72 ILD open-cell, and after I’d measured and cut to length at lowest portion of seat, cut it with an electric knife from 2” down to 1/2”. I tucked the 1-2” end right at the back slope, layed the rest down, stapled seat base and done. No adhesive and 15K miles later looks perfect. Totally level and very comfortable, I’m 6’ tall and actually like the slight seat height increase to go along with my lowered pegs and handlebar risers in opening up the cramped rider position.
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