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Mods and Appearance / New screen time
« Last post by Spike on Today at 10:55:05 AM »
Hi Anyone used one of these or similar

Looks great and seems to be very adjustable.

Why should you have to deal with the dyno shop's screw up?  If they are reputable, they should buy the bike from you at fair market value .
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Knobbed tires on the Versys 1000
« Last post by TYKE on Today at 10:07:53 AM »
Interesting to read your views and points made    :763: 

You are right about the performance of the TKC 80s (although I have never ridden them) they are more off road biased than the TKC 70s which I had on my Super Tenere... The TKC 70s are a fantastic tyre with a bias about 80% road 20% off road, whereas the TKC 80s are probably 70% off road 30% on road bias, so the 80s will no doubt be much better for your requirements

Thanks for sharing your views and great picture BTW    :028:   
Mods and Appearance / Re: Yellow Beam of Light Part 3
« Last post by TYKE on Today at 09:58:40 AM »
*Originally Posted by stlee29 [+]
Rog, had a short ride this morning and the mesh seat cover is really comfy. No hindrance as per previous rides. Will see if can procure this special size locally here first.

Thank you, Richard (Towerman).

Have a great weekend, All!  :757:

Thanks for the update Steve, I'm still awaiting the arrival of mine which hopefully won't be too long now  :028: 

Steve I meant to ask, why have you sprayed the OEM pipe when yo have an Akrapovic pipe on your bike    ? 
Thanks everyone for the help 👍
What codes No's are the faults recording  :027:
Thanks Floysdz1.

I accept what you say that the traction control becomes confused....etc.

The dyno mechanic has reset and cleared the fault warnings on 2 occasions. The other 2 occasions when the fault occurred at about 160kph, I rode home, washed my bike the next day and when I took it back to him no fault was apparent. So your explanation covered 1 -4 would seem to be correct to clear the fault.

Notwithstanding the above, clearing the fault seems to be solvable however what is causing the fault?????
Once the fault has been cleared and I have traction control again when I open the throttle hard and ride at about 150 - 180kph it immediately faults. - What causes the fault? Any ideas?
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Kawasaki satnav mount (new)
« Last post by Floydsz1 on Today at 08:34:03 AM »
Genuine satnav mount .  This came with the bike but I've never used it.
35 posted to the uk

Usually those faults are caused when its run on a dyno,  it confuses the traction control etc because the front wheel isn't turning but the back is. Same thing will happen if you run it over a certain speed while on the center stand.
To fix it you need to ride it at least 3 times until it realises nothings wrong.

Once the cause has been fixed, the warning can be reset by doing the following 3 times:
1. Run the engine more than 10 minutes.
2. Keep the idling speed more than 30 seconds.
3. Run the vehicle more than 5 minutes at a speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) or more.
4. Turn the ignition switch off.
I use Quadlock for all my phone needs - they have mirror mounts (which I prefer) handlebar, fork stem, Ram Ball - and all sorts of others. They do a universal plate that will fit any phone with a flat rear surface. Take a look through their web site it is brilliant quality and so easy to fit / remove and holds well.
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